November 29, 2016

Returning to a New Normal

Hello friends,

This season of my life is speeding house is a wreck........I completely ignored Black Friday, Cyber Monday and I have no idea what to do next after a little stomach bug threw me for a loop. And I have guests coming this weekend.

Naturally I need to write a blog post while I binge watch "The Crown" (which is quite good) on Netflix. What else can I do, hopefully tomorrow I'll have some energy after work to do some actual cleaning.

Just to catch you up on the happenings, my youngest and and I visited the aquarium and watched the sharks for quite a bit.

It was relaxing to look up into the water from underneath. A nice break from the ordinary.

We came home to find two local cats up on the roof of our house. What a riot!

I think they were trying to visit The Queen since The King rarely graces the out of doors with his presence. As you can see one of them is The King's doppelganger.

We have had such a whirl with the elections, plays and musicals that there has barely been time to think. However, one Saturday while waiting for my eldest to finish rehearsals, I decided to visit a nearby church.

Welcome to Sacred Heart parish.

Let's take a walk to the Marian Gazebo, which is surrounded by rose bushes.

I was able to spend quite a bit of time here in prayer. It was so peaceful, surrounded by the scent of roses.

I made my first cake in three years. I haven't baked anything since we moved from Indiana. Graduate school, internships and work have consumed my time. But my son had a Thanksgiving Feast, and needed something fast at the last minute so.....Drowning in Caramel Cake.

Oh dear me it was delicious! One of the easiest cakes in the world....although the icing is a bit of a trick. Toss everything in the blender for 30 minutes, bake it, then cook up the icing after the cake cools.

The hardest part is not eating too much.........

November 17, 2016

Falling into the Harvest

Hello friends!

Just a quick peek into my tiny world.

We finally made it to the library to get a new library card and found this sweet little 'book pumpkin.'

Adorable, yes?

The library itself was one of the smaller ones in this city and we left with the determination to visit the other ones once time permits.

I did manage to snag a few books that hopefully will be great reads. Among them, "Stalin's Daughter," "Hello, Goodbye, Hello," and "How Eskimos Keep their Babies Warm."

I haven't cracked the covers on any yet.....I believe they are waiting for a good Thanksgiving read.

Goodness, it seems all I can do these days, besides work,  just to keep up with the laundry and kitchen!

Here's a little silliness from Halloween:

I call her Princess Koala. We found her at a local party store, and added a crown from the party favor section. I found the tiny stroller at a garage sale for twenty-five cents. It shall be a gift for a special small someone.

I have to share a new rosary with you.

It's a rainbow rosary by Ann Sennot creations on Etsy.

It felt very appropriate for prayer with this past very divisive election.

Despite all the political hub bub, and signs in the neighbors yards, a beautiful roses still bloom and life goes on.

Fall feels like a time for reflection, to look back and ponder the past, yet prepare for the future.

Stay courageous and blessed.......

October 23, 2016

Beside Still Waters While Hooking an Infinity Scarf

Hello Friends,

Part of the view from outside at work. I try to go and eat lunch here every day, to unwind and relax.

It's a beautiful place.

Now for some home comforts

Salmon Coleus from the front yard. I thought it was beautiful, and brought it home. It thrives in the shade near the door where only I can see it.

Now a little sweet potato vine.

I think the vibrant greens are so beautiful. I threw in a purple vine for contrast.

I found some incredible yarn at a thrift store a while back

A beautiful rainbow Noro - silk and wool. Oh my, so gorgeous.

I've been in the mood for crochet, so I whipped up a quick infinity scarf to wear as the weather becomes cooler.

The colors! Words fail me.

The Queen Cat approves this simple infinity scarf.

US size "I" hook. Half double crochet. I just crocheted until I used up all three skeins, then joined the two ends for the infinity look.

I hope you have a wonderful week!