July 23, 2016

Moving and a Strawberry JalapeƱo Salad

The King Cat would like you to know that yes, we are indeed moving. Away from an apartment and into a house! I am super excited. I'm quite done with apartment life. I can't wait to grill on my own little Smokey Joe, which I don't yet have but am planning on purchasing.

Right now is a great time to purchase lawn mowers, grill equipment and even washer/dryers.

I made this Strawberry Jalapeno Salad today for lunch.

I layered the following ingredients on a 12 inch plate:

Romaine lettuce (from a bag, chopped) 1 1/2 to 2 cups
Rotisserie Chicken (W*lm*rt - Lemon Pepper) 1 breast
3 strawberries, sliced
Cauliflower, 2-3 florets crumbled
Ranch dressing - one giant swirl on top of the previous ingredients
Jalapeno - 1/2, seeded and diced fine
Sesame Seeds (raw) - 1-2 Tablespoons

I think I could eat this almost every day.

My allergies have been absolutely killing this week. I switched to my old tried and true tactic of eating a lot less, and added in some of the Naked brand Green Machine juice to the diet.

I actually like the stuff. It looks hideous, like pond scum frapped with algae, but the taste is good and so is the texture.  I was pleasantly surprised.

I wonder if it would make good popsicles?

June 2, 2016

Just in Case You Wondered.....Easter and Christmas Home Altar, Round Crochet Dishcloth and Thrifted Lace Infinity Scarf

Greetings lovely readers!

How time has flown..... I can't believe I haven't posted in months.

The Queen Cat helped me put away the Christmas home altar back in January after the Feast of the Wise Men. The husband likes me to wait until February, but not this year! I started a part time almost full time job in January.

A bit blurry for some reason, but you can see the Easter home altar. We hid the alleluia in the papier mache egg, which has made its appearance each year since it was created in a Very Cold Place Up North by the eldest child. The eldest child has grown so. I'm continually amazed by these magnificent creatures who have come from me and the husband. I look into the faces of my children and know there is a God. How could someone so wonderful come from me otherwise?

Thrifty craftiness has continued. I'm obsessed with lace infinity scarves. I've swooned over Etsy scarves, debated whether or not to make one myself...then found myself at a thrift store staring at lace shirts. They are everywhere, these shirts.

Just a little snip here and there and the lace shirt is turned into an infinity scarf!

The Queen Cat approves this thrifty infinity lace scarf craft.

I custom made my Mom a dishcloth, accidentally. I think this was done several years ago. She wants me to make more, but I had to delete photos off my phone in order to take more, so I thought this was a good place to share before deletion. My one-time babies, now practically grown ups, have all sorts of concerts and shows, so I must have free space for pictures and videos!

No pattern, but a round dishcloth is not uncommon. Now if I can only recreate the pattern from the picture!

Work has been. It has been work. I think I spent the first month with an almost daily brain meltdown. Then my lovely body decided to give out on me and I contracted a bug for a week. I'm back on full power now, but it does take a while after grad school to find a new normal for life. Dealing with work drama is always entertaining. I swear one of my co-workers is the human incarnation of the Queen Cat. It's a good thing I like cats, otherwise the estrogen to testosterone balance would be a bit too much for me to handle.

Tata for now...

March 7, 2016

Window Star

Hello! I hope you have been having a wonderful two weeks. We've transitioned into a springish feel from the wintery feel and how happy I am to see the daffodils and irises and one lone tulip tree on the way to and from work!

Life has been cozy. It doesn't always feel this way. Mostly it has seemed like one endless fight to survive from one hour to the next or even one year to the next.

This Lent has been a time of waiting. Waiting for what is next. I'm looking forward to an upcoming retreat at Mt. Carmel. Father will be giving us lectures on the poetry of a Carmelite Nun. I bought her collected works and I am already smitten.

Here's a taste of the the nun-poet Jessica Powers:

My heart ran forth on little feet of music
to keep the new commandment.
(O feast and frolic of awakening spring!)
It would beguile the world to be a garden
with seeds of one refrain: My little children,
love one another; so my heart would sing

But wisdom halted it, out far afield,
asked: did you sow this seed
around your house, or in the neighbor's garden
or any nearby acreage of need?
No? Then it will not grow in outer places.
Love has its proper soil, its native land;
its first roots fasten on the near-at-hand.

Back toward the house from which I deftly fled,
down neighbors' lanes, across my father's barley
my heart brought home its charity. It said:
love is a simple plant like a Creeping Charlie;
once it takes root its talent is to spread.
(1948; 1984)

pg 45 The Selected Poetry of Jessica Powers

Creeping Charlie is a lovely little plant from the mint family.

Have you seen window stars yet? These were made over Christmas. They are indeed massive, taking up the entire window, but they are perfect. I hope the rainbows bring some joy to the outside world.

I put them up after taking down the delightfully old fashioned giant rainbow Christmas lights. I didn't want to take them down. They were so joyful. I remember when we were little Dad would put them up on our house all along the trim.

From the inside the Queen has claimed yet another throne. The giant granny square green fields afghan is complete! Unfortunately I neglected to take a picture of its finished glory before it went off to its new home.

Since I gave it to my parents in honor of a Very Important wedding anniversary date, I will probably be able to snap another photo at some point. I also meant to write a meaningful card to go with it, but sometimes the best of intentions go awry.

A look out the window shows the erstwhile garden. I have since revamped and redistributed the plants. And grown some more.

Til next time,