February 19, 2014

Welcome CRHP Sister! and Nature Walk with Thomas A' Kempis

Welcome CRHP Sisters! School started to consume me, so I haven't published in almost a month!

So shocking.

I'm longing for the return of warm summer days, and I found this 'nature walk' in my archives, unpublished.


"The more a man is united within himself and inwardly simple, so much the more and deeper things does he understand without labour; for he receives the light of understanding from on high."

"A man of pure, simple, and steadfast spirit is not distracted by the multitude of things he has to do; for he does all for the honour of God, and strives to keep himself inwardly free from all self-seeking."

"O how quickly passes away the glory of the world! O that their life had been in keeping with their learning! Then they would have studied and lectured to good purpose."

"How many perish in the world by vain learning, since they set small store upon the service of God."

"And because they choose to be great rather than humble, therefore do they become vain in their speculations."

"He is truly great who has great love of God."

"He is truly prudent who esteems all earthly things as dung, that he may win Christ."

"And he is truly most learned, who does the will of God and forsakes his own."

My soul says "YES!!!!"

Quotations taken from The Imitation of Christ, Book 1 Chapter 4.

Further up, and further in!

The Lord bless you and protect you;
The Lord smile on you and be gracious to you;
The Lord show you His favor and give you His peace.


Melanie Butz said...

Sarah, Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more postings! I went and found my patron saint for 2014 as well. See you in a week, Melanie

Anna Yager said...

Great to hear your voice again! I love the interweaving of the photos and quotations. But what is CRHP? Catholic Really Happy People? Christ's Risen Hallelujah Praise-him? Crochet Red Hearts Project?

Hand-Maid With Love said...

One of my very favorite books of all times is the Imitation of Christ...beautiful!